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Cocoon Clip On Sunglasses

Introducing the new cocoons clip-on sunglasses uv400! These sunglasses are new with case to keep your eyes safe and secure, plus, the clip on design ensures that they will never fall off your head.

COCOONS Sunglasses/ Clip-on

Cocoons Clip On Sunglasses Review

These sunglasses are fantastic value for the price you pay, they are very comfortable to wear and the sunglasses come with a case to keep them safe. The sunglasses are also clip on so you can wear them like a sunglasses act, overall, these are outstanding pair of sunglasses for work or for general wear. These sunglasses are sensational for keeping you from taking a break and returning to the they are sterling substitute to stay connected and enjoy the outdoors, these sunglasses are must-have for any sunglasses-looking population. They are clip-on, so they’re basic to put on and take off, and they have an 45-degree angle of view, the sunglasses also do a peerless job of protecting your eyes from bright light and environmental noise. Overall, these are sterling sunglasses for suitors who like to stay safe with bright light, the polarized design ensures your eyes are protected from harmful light angles while the clip-on design keeps them on your head without having to worry about them slipping down your throat. Not to mention, the golden color will add a touch of luxury to each setting.